How to Make Divan Beds look good in your home

Learn how to build your own divan beds for your home.

The concept behind divan beds is simple. Divan beds are meant to be a box couch during daytime and by simply putting a mattress on top, it becomes a bed for sleeping at night.

You can build your own divan beds. Here are some basic pointers for learning how to make divan beds.

Design Considerations

Modern divan beds come in two configurations. One has a platform top – a flat surface layered in foam and cushions. The other has a sprung edge base box. Here the top is lined with springs that provide added comfort and support to the mattress.

We will use standard UK bed sizes for this project. This is to enable you to easily use commercially available mattresses for your divan beds.

Another point to consider with divan beds is the option to add storage space. This entails additional construction of drawers. For now however, we will focus on building simple platform top divan beds sans storage.

Materials and Equipment

2×2” and 2×6” lumber (for the box base)

conventional foam

bed fabric and tacks

contact cement

wood glue

3 inch nails

castor rollers with screws

measuring tape





Measurements – The box base should be measured according to a standard single sized mattress; about 90 cm (3’) wide and 200 cm (6’ 6”) long. Alternatively, purchase the mattress beforehand then cut your lumber according to its size. The height of the divan is usually about 40 centimetres from the floor.

For one divan box base you will then need two pieces 2×6 equal to the length of the mattress, 14 pieces width-long 2×6 (twelve of these will serve as horisontal slats for the platform top), four pieces 2×2 at 40 centimetres long for the corner legs, two pieces 2×2 also at width and two more 2×2 equal to the length of the mattress.

Construct the box base – Using wood glue, attach the width-long 2x6s to the top end of the 2×2 legs then nail them in place. Then attach the lengthwise 2x6s similarly to form the top rectangular frame. Reinforce this with the remaining 2x2s to be attached accordingly along the bottom part of the box base. Then glue and nail the horisontal slats along the top of the box base making sure to distribute them evenly and aligning them neatly along the side edges. Finally, with adhesives, attach onto the top slats two to three layers of conventional foam that are cut to the dimensions of the frame.

Finish in bed fabric – Using contact cement and tacks, cover the box base in a bed fabric of your choice. Finally, screw on the castor rollers to the four corner legs.

You will need to construct two to four divans in the manner described above. By placing your desired top mattress you have effectively constructed your own divan beds. Store the mattress elsewhere and your divans become extra lounge couches during the day. There then is a neat and convenient project for making simple divan beds.