Principles of Green Home Designs

Green home designing can allow homeowners to participate in caring for the environment. The negative effect of modernizing can be reduced with the help of green home designs. A lot of people nowadays opt for environment friendly things to ensure that they participate in caring for the Mother Nature. The following are considerations that many architects consider when they design a home that is 100% eco-friendly.

1. Site- when you talk about the site where the home would be built, there are lots of considerations that should be taken into account such as the soil, access, bodies of water, ledge, slope as well as the vegetation around to decrease the impact of creating home to the natural environment of the site. Remember that anywhere you build your home, there will always be a vegetation or life surrounding that area, and architect should be very careful building houses to protect the flora and fauna around the place. The location of the site is very important. It should be well inspected if it is near any farmland, protected species, and wetland. When it comes to accessibility of the house, the location should be near to schools, market, public transportation, and parks.

2. Size- if you desire to have a home that is eco-friendly, then you have to limit the square footage of your home to a minimum. This will reduce the amount of energy that you need to consume to be able for your home to be an ideal place to live. A nice home should have efficient lightning, heat and air-conditioning system, appliances and other gadgets and materials that will consume electricity or energy. The smaller the home, the lesser energy it needs to consume to be able to operate the entire home.

3. Solar- green home designs should not forget the use of solar energy. Whether you choose to have solar energy system inside your home to produce electricity around the house, there are diverse solar considerations when it comes to in green home designs. It is imperative to design the home in a way that it is passive for the use of solar system as lightning strategy of the entire home, natural ventilation, heating and cooling of your home and for all kitchen appliances.

4. Energy- as said earlier, the lightning, cooling as well as heating system are very important considerations when it comes to green home designs. There is a lot of renewable energy that you can use to be able to produce energy or electricity around the house such as wind, solar as well as geothermal energy. With the use of Earth’s natural elements, this can produce energy around your home.

5. Water conservation- there is a lot of ways in how a home can participate in conserving water. By observing low-flow fixture, installing aerators, installing low-flow shower head nozzles and low-flow water fixtures will make your home as effective in conserving water.

It is imperative that new home minimize its use of fossil fuel. Being an eco-friendly home will result in a beautiful and healthy home for the whole family.